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How to Host a Safe & Successful Yard Sale This Summer


Make room in your garage, yard, home, or office for the things you love most by hosting a safe, socially distanced, COVID-friendly yard sale this summer. From pricing items to promoting your sale, these tips and tricks will have you set up and ready to go.

Safety First

You want to create a comfortable shopping experience for your guests. Though there’s light at the end of the tunnel as far as COVID is concerned, it remains important to stage as safe a sale as possible. Here are a few ways to help make that happen.

Create a Socially Distanced Setup

Post signs that encourage social distancing and masks. Also be sure to set up your sale in a way that encourages social distancing, spacing out your tables.

Provide Sanitizer

Plan to have containers of hand sanitizer for shoppers to use as they browse and handle items. Also be sure to keep one close at hand for handling payments.

Offer Electronic Payment Options

Have a Venmo or PayPal account? Use it to offer a contactless payment option.

Preparing for Your Sale

Get Organized

Make sure you know exactly which items you want to sell. Divvy them up into separate categories or piles and be sure you know what price your items could sell for within reason.

Have Your Supplies Ready

Whether you choose contactless payments, a wallet, cash bag, or cash box, having a safe place to store money during your sale is important. A fanny pack around your waist is one of the best ways to protect your earnings and quickly provide patrons with change. Ensure you have enough tables, clothing racks, price tags, pens, signs, or anything else you might need. Music and snacks also are a great addition! These are fun ways to bring in extra attention and keep your guests browsing.

Set Everything Up

Move your car from the driveway and sweep the walkways. Put up any tables or clothing racks and make sure your signs are visible and legible. Ensure that the prices are clear, each area is organized, and there are definitive walkways or areas for guests to easily move about while browsing.

Where to Advertise

Spreading the word about your sale is the best way to generate foot traffic. From putting up signs throughout your neighborhood to advertising online, there are plenty of ways to promote your yard sale.

Some of the most effective platforms to announce a sale are the Nextdoor app, Craigslist, Facebook groups, and your own personal social media accounts. Be sure to post a reminder the morning of your sale. And, of course, if neighborhood rules allow, you’ll also want to go the traditional approach with bright and bold handmade signs put up throughout the main areas in your neighborhood a few hours before your sale. Be clear with the information, including the address and hours.

Pricing Your Items

Setting the price for your items can be tricky with competitive shoppers and bargain hunters looking to score a deal. If making money during your sale is a priority, keep an open mind and be willing to negotiate the prices you set. Make sure that every item is clearly marked with a price tag. A simple sticker or even a piece of tape is an easy way to post prices.

What to Do After the Sale

If you don’t sell everything, don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of creative ways to go about selling and storing the remaining items. Once you’ve made peace with getting rid of specific belongings, it can be tough to put them back in your home, garage, or office space. Donate the items you’re not comfortable selling. For the remaining pieces you still want to sell or maybe aren’t ready to let go of just yet, a small storage unit is a great option. Post any unsold items on Craigslist or the OfferUp app, or even plan for your next yard sale!

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