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Man pushing a loading cart with boxes stacked on it into a self storage unit

4 Reasons Why Storage Is More Popular Than Ever


Self storage has been on the rise for years, and it’s easy to see why! With an ever-changing landscape and a constant need for space, here are four reasons why people are turning to storage units to meet their needs.

People Are Making the Most of Available Spaces

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a work-from-home trend that is expected to continue for some time. That’s led to some major reorganizing to make room for home offices in many households. Self storage is an excellent way to navigate the shuffling. Many turn to self storage to free up room for their new and improved home office.

The Housing Market Is Still Strong

The housing market remains strong in many parts of the country. That means a lot of movement, which means major self storage demand.

Storage Companies Have Adapted & Evolved

Self storage companies – StayLock Storage among them – have adapted during challenging times. Many of these companies now emphasize touch-free rental processes. In a world in which consumers lean on technology more and more to handle transactions, that’s a great direction to be headed – pandemic or not.

Downsizing Offices

With so many people working remotely, businesses have been opting for smaller offices. Why not save a little money by leasing a smaller space? Whether it’s by stashing excess office furniture or files or switching up how they store their inventory, many companies have turned to self storage. It’s a creative and cost-effective solution to maximize space.

In Need of Self Storage?

In the market for a self storage unit yourself? Find the StayLock Storage facility nearest you and start storing today.