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Young woman working at a home desk in a bright living room.

4 Easy Solutions to Transform Your Office


With more people spending their days working from home, these four ideas will help you easily refresh your office environment.

Vertical Storage

When you’re setting out to revamp your office, the first thing to consider is how much room you have to work with. If you’re lucky, you’ll have plenty of space to let your imagination go wild. But if you find yourself with barely enough space for even your desk and chair, instead of stretching out, you might want to stretch up. A desk with vertical storage space, such as shelving or cabinets,can reduce clutter while also creating room in your space for other improvements to the decor. A self storage unit can also help here. Many facilities offer units in a wide variety of sizes, including smaller units perfect for storing file boxes, floor lamps, and other excess items.

Standup Desk

Over the past few years, the use of standup desks has become much more common – and for good reason. You don’t have to be a fitness nut to know that sitting all day is not the healthiest option. An electric standing desk allows you to go from sitting to standing at your desk with the push of a button. A tabletop standup desk is a portable and space-saving alternative to the electric desk that allows for the same basic function, with more versatility. Neither is overly expensive and both would be a fantastic addition to any workspace.

Selective Lighting (Blue Filter)

Prolonged work in front of a computer screen isn’t healthy for your eyes and in some cases can even cause headaches. With that in mind, many computers and cell phones have the options to filter out the more harmful light spectrums from their screens.This option has now extended to desk lamps. Many LED desk lamps come with the added bonus of being able to adjust brightness levels, as well. Make your desk area bright and inviting when meeting and working with others, or create a soft, warm glow for a more relaxing work session. The choice is yours.

Digital Picture Frame

A desk doesn’t feel complete until you put a picture on it. But instead of having several frames with several pictures limiting your desk space, why not have one frame with all the pictures? Digital picture frames allow you to load all your pictures from a storage device, social media, or cloud storage into one place, so your most cherished memories are always available.

We hope these four tips help you make your home workspace a little more enjoyable. For more tips on making more space in your life, visit the StayLock blog.