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4 Creative Ways to Use Your Storage Unit


There are a number of benefits to renting a self storage unit. Not only is it a great way to make more room in your home, garage, or business, a self storage unit also can help you stay organized and make moving easier. And the benefits don’t end there. Read on for more ways you can use your self storage unit.

Wrap in Peace

Got nosy family members who don’t want to wait to find out what they’re getting for holidays or birthdays? Turn your storage unit into your own private wrapping studio. Set up a card table – or just lay a board across a couple stacks of boxes – grab some tape, scissors, and wrapping paper, and you’re in business! Your self storage unit is also a great place to assemble larger gifts like bicycles.

Prep Away

If you’re someone who believes there is no such thing as overly prepared, whether it’s for your next camping trip, the zombie apocalypse, or the more plausible natural disaster, your self storage unit makes an ideal place to go all out. Stock it full of camping supplies like sleeping bags and tents. Most storage companies prohibit storing perishables or anything combustible, but jugs of water are probably OK. Check with your storage facility’s manager to be sure.

Chill Out

Need a little space to call your own? There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a little quiet time in your self storage unit. Add a comfy couch and a light source (some storage units include an outlet – if yours doesn’t, consider a battery-operated lantern or light), grab a stack of magazines or a favorite book, set up your bluetooth speaker, and get ready to sit back and relax.

Get Down to Business

If you’ve got a side business that’s taking up too much space in your home, your self storage unit may be just the place to get some work done. It’s quiet and there’s plenty of space to spread out. Whether you sell Beanie Babies on eBay or write resumes for real estate agents, your storage unit can be a productive place to get it all done.

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